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Plus some additional resources, tips, and guidance on all things engagement sessions and wedding planning.

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I am truly so honored you'd consider me to capture your wedding day. It's going to fly by quicker than you can even imagine, and it's the biggest privilege to be able to capture all the big and small moments throughout your day so you can remember them forever. If you'd like to learn a bit more about me and my life outside of photography, check it out here!

This guide is designed to do two things: one, introduce you to me, my work, and my wedding collections. And two, give you access to my wedding planning resource to help you craft a wedding day that feels authentic to you and lends itself to the best photos possible! I'll walk you through tips and tricks for everything from timelines to details to family photos. Keep your eyes peeled, it's linked at the end of this guide.

Thank you again for inquiring, and feel free reach out at any point in the process!



My style is nostalgic, documentarian, and sensory. When you look back at your images, I want you to remember how it felt.

My Approach

Here's the honest truth: besides your partner, I'm the person you're going to be spending the most time with on your wedding day. Kinda funny, I know! That being said, I want to be upfront about what type of energy I'll be bringing to your wedding day, because ultimately, I want you to have the most relaxed and enjoyable experience possible.

I'm a very easygoing and lighthearted person, and I approach shooting in the same way! My top priority is meeting you where you're at and making you feel comfortable and confident. The amount of times people have come to me before a wedding or photoshoot saying, "I'm really nervous and awkward in front of the camera" only to leave saying, "Wait that was actually super easy and fun" is too many to count! I give you both a mix of static posing and movement based prompts to evoke your natural selves. Above all else, I aim to capture your wedding day in a relaxed, authentic, and artful way.

There’s going to be so much happening on your wedding day. So many big moments that you’ll never forget, but also a million little ones that you might not even notice: how his fingers brushed the hair behind your ear. How your parents welled up watching you walk down the aisle. I promise to stay open, observant, and present during your wedding day so I can capture all the fleeting moments I know you'll want to remember forever. And I want the same for you both: to remain open, observant and present. After all, it's you're wedding day, not just an eight hour photoshoot.

The Collections


The Deluxe


A La Carte

Image Delivery

One of my favorite parts of the wedding experience is delivering your beautiful gallery of images! For weddings, you'll receive 5+ preview photos within 48 hours of your wedding to tide you over. :) Then, within 8 weeks, a link to your final gallery will find its way to your inbox! This gallery will include all your edited, high resolution images. You can scroll through, view, and download them at any time. You'll also be able to share this link with friends and family so they can relive your best day with you!

Your galleries will also be linked to a personalized print shop, so if you plan to print anything out like albums, frames, or magazines (my new favorite for coffee tables), this will be available directly in your gallery! Each user that logs into the gallery will have their own print shop account, so your families can order whatever they'd like as well!

Questions & Answers

Do we need a second photographer?


Unless you're having an extremely intimate gathering or eloping, I always recommend a second photographer. This is for a few reasons: one, it will allow you to receive multiple angles of special moments like first looks, the first kiss, etc. Two, as much as I'm observant and quick on my feet, I can't be everywhere at once! If candids of cocktail hour, speeches, and the ceremony are important to you, a second photographer is a must. Third, I have more time to be present with you both if I can designate certain tasks to my second photographer. All in all, I think it's a great idea to include one and it's something I recommend to almost everyone. If you decide you'd like to include a second photographer, we'll add it to your collection and I'll contract the photographer.

Do we need an engagement session?


This is completely up to you, but I do highly recommend it. Booking an engagement session will allow us to get to know each other in person well before your wedding day! You'll be able to see what a shoot with me is like (very chill, very fun, would recommend) so your actual wedding day will go that much more seamlessly. If you think a "trial run" of sorts would be beneficial, this is your chance! Also, it's a great excuse for some cute photos for your Save the Dates.

How many images will be included?


Typically about 75+ photos per hour of coverage will be included in your gallery. But if we happen to get 150 amazing shots in any particular hour, you can expect all of those images to be in your gallery! I will always include all the best photos so you know you're not missing out on anything good. :) These images will be retouched, in high resolution, and ready to be downloaded or printed through your personalized print shop.

"I am SO happy Jordan was there to photograph the best day of our lives! She let us be ourselves and soak in the moment, but also directed us in an easy and comfortable way. Her excitement and energy rubbed off on us the whole day! We are obsessed with our gallery and could not wait to print a wedding day album to relive it all over again. I would love to work with Jordan again and recommend her to all my friends and family!"

Thank you!

Thank you so much for considering Genuinely Jo photography to capture your wedding day. It's a joy and responsibility I don't take lightly! I'm so glad our paths have crossed, and I hope to meet and work with you soon.



Wedding Planning Resources

While wedding planning should be an exciting time for you and your partner, I understand it can be a bit overwhelming too. Throughout my time in the wedding industry, I've picked up certain tips, tricks, and advice that I want to share with you to help your day run smoothly! I'll walk you through each chapter of your wedding day so on the day of, you can sit back and enjoy knowing everything is taken care of!

Learn More

Planning a wedding can be chaotic. There's a zillion little details to consider when crafting your special day, many of which you may not have ever thought to consider. Lucky for you, this isn't my first rodeo, and I'm here to spell out all the tips and tricks that will help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible! When all the details are hashed out beforehand, you can be fully present on your wedding day knowing everything is taken care of.

Wedding Tips, Tricks, and Guidance

Genuinely Jo Photography welcomes love of all kinds

One of the best parts of my job is getting to witness all kinds of unique love firsthand. The remainder of this handbook highlights various chapters of your wedding day and corresponding information, tips and tricks for each portion. Although the examples I give follow a fairly traditional outline, I want you to know this is only one way to organize your wedding day. What is most important to me is that your wedding day feels authentic to you!

Additionally, I want to create a safe space for couples of all genders and sexualities. This extends to their families and wedding party. So as you peruse the next portion of the handbook, please keep that in mind as I refer to the couple as "bride and groom" for the sake of ease. All are welcome here!


Engagement Sessions

I love engagement sessions for a few reasons. Booking an engagement session will allow us to get to know each other in person well before your wedding day! You'll be able to see what a shoot with me is like (very chill, very fun, would recommend) so your actual wedding day will go that much more seamlessly. If you think a "trial run" of sorts would be beneficial, this is your chance! Also, it's a great excuse for some cute photos for your Save the Dates.

As far as locations go, the sky's the limit. Want to get dressed up and pop some champagne downtown? Bring a cute picnic to your neighborhood park? How about going back to the place you had your first date or sitting down at your favorite pub? I looove getting creative with engagement shoots and I'm always here to bounce ideas off of! Wherever we go, I just want it to feel like you.

What to Wear

Most engagement sessions last around an hour (depending on which collection you choose). I always encourage couples to bring two outfits for variety. Many people like bringing one fancier option and one casual option, but it's totally up to you!

Best to avoid



Shooting details of all your "getting ready" supplies can be such special photos to look back on. Before the rush of the ceremony and reception, the time you spend getting ready with those closest to you is a really beautiful chapter of the day. Detail shots include things like rings, shoes, perfume/cologne, flowers, etc. On the next page, you can find a list of some ideas of details to include in your details box.

Wait, what's a details box? This is actually super important, so glad you asked. At the very start of the day, you'll want to make sure both the bride and groom have their detail boxes set aside for me (and the second photographer if we've included one). The first thing we'll do when meeting you at your getting ready location is shoot a flat lay of your details, so we need them all in one place at the start of the day! The groom's ring can stay in the bride's details box so we can shoot the rings together.


First Looks

First looks are such a special, private way to see each other for the first time and have a moment together before the ceremony begins.

Example Timeline


Family Portraits

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