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You can usually find me outside

Over the years, I've become increasingly appreciative of the outdoors and have realized how grounding time in nature is for me. Whether it's traveling to new places or simply walking a few blocks from my apartment to Lake Michigan, I feel so recharged by the outdoors and am on the hunt for new places to explore.

This year I got me and my boyfriend a National Parks Pass, and our first stop was Glacier National Park! It was breathtakingly beautiful and definitely inspired me to explore more National Parks. We just saw Joshua Tree in California and can't wait for the next adventure!

Check out my Print Shop for a catalog of the most beautiful places I've wandered.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia

I absolutely love capturing moments on film. I'm a proud mother to two lovely 35mm film cameras, and I'm excited to grow the family more! Although I shoot primarily digital, there's something so ethereal and sentimental about film, and I'm slowly becoming obsessed.

Unlike shooting digitally, film requires a patience and intentionality that I find really beautiful. There's a perfectly imperfect nature to it, which is why I love using it to document my own life and memories. If you're interested in adding film to your collection, let me know and I'd be happy to!

Sometimes I'm in front of the camera

Aside from photography, a major passion of mine is acting. It fact, it's actually what I went to school for! This behind the scenes photo was taken on set of a short film that was shot in the U.P. in Michigan.

I'm also a huge theatre nerd. I will go to my grave saying this, but Hadestown was THE best musical I've ever seen. I got to see most of the original Broadway cast, and even though I rarely cry during movies and shows, I absolutely blubbered my way through this one.

What I've Been up to Recently

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