Where 2023 is Taking Me

Am I headed to your neck of the woods?

I have a strong passion for travel, and it's doubly sweet when I get to shoot while I'm in new places. If you see that I'll be in your neck of the woods and want to book a shoot, reach out! Check back for more updates – I tend to fly by the seat of my pants.

2023 Travel Dates

January 11-18

Bay Area, CA


January 18-25

Los Angeles, CA


Cancún, MX

February 20-28


April 23-25

Seville, Spain

April 25-27

Granada, Spain

Madrid, Spain

April 27-29

Miami, FL

May 11-14

Twin Cities friends: I travel there seasonally, so if you'd like to book me there, please indicate this on your inquiry form and we'll coordinate together.

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